Sunday, January 10, 2010

PHP Camp 2010 - My Experience ... ...

Well Friends on 10th i made my visit to much awaited PHP Camp @ Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning Pune .... i had already registered for the event so with my whole expectations of getting some knowledge from the camp i went to SCDL where i was so disappointed by the arrangements by the organizing committee . There was no registration Desk or the counter you can be verified against for your presence .. i didn't knew ... Open Source Events are open for all :P . there were a lot of people creating on each floor .... after seeing so much people in search of knowledge i went to 3rd floor where i saw some 200 people in a room which can accomodate 80-90 people at max. stood there but didn't understood anything infact wasn't able to see face of the person who was speaking . Went to 4th floor where there was no proper arrangement .. i dunno how people consider this kinda event as one of the best Open Source Events .. There i saw most of the people were not at all interested in the knowledge part .. they came here for the free stuff ... t-shirts n goodies .... i was disappointed by the arrangement made by the organizing committee .. .. it could have been much better.. i even attended a workshop on PHP CAKE but it was so overcrowded that i couldn't find a place to stand.
Well it looked like most of the people were not interested in the talk that was going on infact they were there to access free wifi in the camp n filling the lucky draw coupon organized by a company . There was a lot of fuzz created by some of organizing committee members on Facebook,Orkut,Gmail n other free sources of marketting an event for them i just wanna say that it was an event that was over crowded n yes it was successful in bringing people who had no interest in having knowledge but getting free stuff ... this was almost like a political rally in which people show their strength by brining quantity not quality.
This it what i experienced when i visited PHP Camp 2010 ...
Thanks Organisers ... Thanks a lot...


  1. Well, PHPCamp is an unconference and you might have faced issues as it was overcrowded which happens with almost every unconference and the same "Law of two Feet" applies here.

    PHPCamp is not a conference but an Un-conference

  2. Hi Rahul , I too was there, i felt same as you, but but also happy to see all, ive came from ahmedabad(guj.)